MTD operates in Italy through the company Pikdare Spa, which was established as standalone entity after being spun off from Artsana Group in 2017.

In 2018, Pikdare spa combined with the Polish company HTL Strefa as part of the newly formed MTD Group.

Pikdare is widely recognized in Italy for its historical brand, Pic Solution, boasting over 60 years of expertise. The brand not only leads the medical self-care market in Italy, with a strong presence in pharmacies but also extends its footprint to international markets. Pikdare continually pioneers innovative, user-friendly, and safe solutions for both everyday and professional use.

Our brand

Pic Solution, which has been a prominent player in the global healthcare market for nearly six decades, is the renowned brand which introduced the world to the first disposable and painless syringe in the early 1960s, revolutionizing the injection experience and making it pain-free and straightforward. This commitment to delivering simplicity and comfort in healthcare remains at the heart of the brand’s mission, offering a wide range of solutions for various health needs.

Pikdare owns and operates also the MTD production facility located in Grandate (Como).

The complete catalogue of PIC prod ucts can also be found on Medical Center, an e-commerce platform dedicated to the Italian HCPs.