MTD Engineering

Our Innovation HUB

MTD Engineering is our innovation & development hub for the in-house generation of new concepts, patents and solutions, continuously tested and immediately engineered. Technology, know-how and innovation to create medical devices that help people every day, combining what is small with what is great.

Boosting innovation

MTD Engineering was established in 2020 with the aim of boosting significant growth in the research and development area. It is the technology core unit that generates innovative designs for MTD’s product pipeline and, at the same time, serves as a reliable partner of other industries in every stage of new product development, providing its skills and services.

How we innovate

MTD Engineering operates within three main focus areas:

CONCEPT AND DESIGN: development of new and highly competitive concepts and designs, engineered to minimize costs and maximize performance;
SERVICE AND CONSULTING: consultancy around various topics, such as tool and machine building and maintenance, or production set-up and optimization;
PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: production of components or final products based on partners’ needs.