MTD Exchange

MTD Exchange

We believe that it is crucial to share medical knowledge and best practices to enhance healthcare.

For this reason, we launched “MTD Exchange”, a grassroots community program born with the objective to bring together key experts from different medical fields as well as patients to debate hot topics related to diabetes, wound care, respiratory, safety and other areas.

MTD Exchange is a platform that brings together leaders, healthcare professionals, and various stakeholders with the goal of advancing healthcare through peer-to-peer dialogue.

MTD Exchange aims to offering a virtual space a virtual space where information can be shared through debates, discussions, and events, as well as providing easy access to a selection of medical and scientific resources.

The platform offers two kind of learning opportunities:

ROUNDTABLES, virtual and live events organized periodically, where a moderator invites expert speakers from different specialties to express their opinions and discuss hot topics;

SMART TALKS, shorter videos in which an experienced speaker conveys a series of indications, including practical ones, over health-related themes.

The educational opportunity

Accessing the platform

By joining the MTD Exchange community, healthcare professionals will have access to comprehensive, relevant knowledge, to address unmet needs, hot topics in the clinical world and beyond, technological innovation and patient care.