MTD Group takes part in the global effort to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination, thanks to its new Low Dead Space syringes.

Lugano, 21st May 2021 – In delivering the COVID-19 global vaccination campaign, it is of paramount importance to be able to maximize the number of individuals that can benefit from the available vaccine vials.

In particular, the use of low dead space (LDS) syringes can enable HCPs to extract more doses than those originally foreseen for each vial.

As an example, Pfizer indicates how to extract 6 doses from a single vial of their COVID-19 vaccine, therefore minimizing vaccine waste. In order to do that, low dead space syringe and needle combination should have a dead-space of no more than 35 microlitres (0.035 mL).

Similarly, Moderna has recently received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for distributing 2 different vials, containing up to 11 and up to 15 doses of their COVID-19 vaccine, respectively. However, proper syringes with reduced dead space are needed to extract all the 11 (respectively 15) doses from each vial.

The MTD Group, leveraging its Research Hub located in Como (Italy), with its decades of experience in designing and producing needles and syringes, has made investments to take part in the global effort to supply products that will minimize vaccine waste, and help to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination effort according to the above recommendations.

As a result, we are ready to offer improved syringes (with and without needles, in order to guarantee flexibility of use) with a total dead space below 35 microlitres.

Pfizer has conducted preliminary tests on our newly developed products, in order to validate the above specification, with positive results. Please refer to:

In particular, we are ready to start supplying the following solutions:

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