North America

North America

MTD is well known in the North American region (United States and Canada), operating as HTL-Strefa Inc. with commercial offices located in Holmdel, New Jersey USA and distribution offices in Woodstock, Georgia USA.

HTL-Strefa Inc. distributes medical devices used in a variety of drug delivery procedures and diagnostic tests performed by pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Under the two brands Droplet and DropSafe, HTL-Strefa Inc. is a leader in the field of medical devices for diabetes, drug delivery & immunizations, and capillary blood sampling, with core expertise in safety sharps. HTL-Strefa as part of the MTD Group can rely on 30+ year legacy of medical sharps expertise, spanning from product innovation & design to a vertically-integrated manufacturing and production capabilities.

HTL-Strefa Inc. supplies high-quality products for patients with diabetes under the Droplet brand.

Our brands

Pen needles and insulin syringes, and safety solutions for healthcare workers, such as safety lancets, safety pen needles, and immunization products: these are the products distributed under the Droplet and Dropsafe brands. The well established Droplet and DropSafe brands offer patented solutions and innovations, designed to combine comfort and ease of use, both for patients and healthcare professionals.​

The proven reliability and safety of the Droplet and DropSafe brands are recognized globally. Droplet is the fastest growing pen needle brand in North America, and is the second largest supplier of pen needles within the US. Additionally, MTD has grown to 50% global market share for safety lancets and a 15% global market share for personal lancets.