Our Innovation

Innovation for an increasing portfolio

Innovation embodies the spirit of our group, which, through medical and technological advancement, focuses its efforts on creating value for all.

Constant quality improvement, innovation and new technologies are the core of what we do. We focus on innovation and quality with our two R&D centres and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities located in Europe, always centered on innovation to deliver solutions for unmet needs. For that reason, through our heritage, we have continuously increased our intellectual property portfolio. We are dedicated to research and development to always try to go further, to be pioneers.

A strong attitude towards innovation allows MTD to maintain a long-lasting history of collaborations and partnerships with leading pharma corporates, as well as innovative start-ups and creative talented professionals.

Innovation through collaboration

A dedicated hub

An innovation hub, MTD Engineering, was established in 2020 with different focus areas:

embryonic concept/pipeline development in-house or in partnership, production of components for third-party devices, finished products for new segments, and market-facing technical and consulting services.