and values

Our purpose

Simplifying Healthcare. Through our expertise in Painless solutions, Innovation, and Care for the future, we enhance and simplify healthcare in everyday life.

Our values

Innovation & Quality

Constant improvement of quality, innovation and new technologies, together with continuous investments in research and attentive responsiveness to needs are the bedrock of our legacy but also the guiding light for our journey forward, ensuring that our dedication to excellence continues to shape our path into the future to keep offering state-of-the-art solutions.

Collaborative Excellence

We operate as a cohesive global entity, nurturing cooperation not only within our internal team but also with all of our stakeholders. Embracing the principle of lifelong learning, we consistently exchange ideas and leverage our varied experiences, talents and backgrounds, ultimately driving innovation and propelling our organization towards even greater achievements.

Passion & Drive for Results

We demand nothing less than our absolute best, and this commitment is fueled by the passion that guides us in our endeavors. We share a "can-do" mindset, mutually encouraging each other in our entrepreneurial efforts. We also recognize the significance of each individual's contribution in nurturing a creative, innovative and high-performance culture.


We meet or exceed the expectations – reconfirming every day our pledge of quality, safety, innovation and integrity with customers, markets, as well as any other partner and stakeholder. We aim to continue building upon our enduring reputation as a trustworthy organization, conscious of the relevance of our role for people’s health.


Environmental, social and governance matters are deeply embedded in our corporate culture with sustainability representing a key element in our business model and ethical management being at the core of every corporate decision.