R&D and key innovations

Research and key innovation

The Group, also thanks to the development of new synergies between our companies, is increasing its intellectual property portfolio, with over 300 patents registered as of December 31, 2022, always confirming its objective: to stand out for its continuous innovation and willingness to be a pioneer in the diabetes and self-care markets.

A portfolio that is constantly growing, thanks to valuable research and development work that has already led to important key innovations.

The value of innovation

Research and development are the basis of our work. For this we continuously invest in R&D to offer cutting-edge solutions. An activity we carry out on a large scale, in different areas.


Our innovation efforts for healthcare professionals have always focused on bringing to market cutting-edge medical devices and sharps engineered to improve the safety and comfort of treatment, to enhance the injection experience and to keep them safe.

31G safety pen needle

Safety pen needles 5mm are sterile, single-use safety needles intended for use with pen injector devices for the subcutaneous injection of drugs. This product has been designed for an as comfortable as possible injection. While safety is ensured by a covered tip that prevents needlestick injuries before, during and after injections.

Low Dead Space (LDS) syringes

Developed during COVID-19 pandemic, this kind of syringes made it possible for HCPs to draw more vaccine per vial during the vaccination campaigns, thus minimizing the waste of drug.

Passive safety needle

The Passive Safety Needle has been designed to address the issue of needlestick injuries in the hospital environment. The needle is protected by a transparent shield which automatically locks after injection, requiring no incremental activation step by the HCP post-injection.


For consumers, including for chronic patients, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of medical devices, diabetes management sharps, and cross-cutting self-care medical solutions. What these products have in common is that they are all intuitive and easy to use, making people’s daily lives easier.

34G x 3,5 mm pen needle

the thinnest and the shortest pen needle in the PIC range by diameter and length, whose ingenious design is aimed at reducing the psychological and physiological discomfort experienced by the patient during the treatment.

Si Silicon wound dressing

is a line of patches that uses silicon technology with the aim to ensure a safe and painless removal.

AIREasy On

The first wearable, lightweight nebulizar, whose revolutionary design allows you to undergo drug therapy while doing other activities.

The Pic Health Station

app allows the patient to measure and correlate different indicators such as temperature, weight and pressure. Not only this app allows patients to create a digital medical diary, but it also lets them share it with their physician.