The impact on planet and people

Taking care of the planet

To generate a positive impact on health, it is also crucial to take care of the environment we live in. That’s why at MTD, along with taking care of people, we step in by doing our part to improve and preserve the health of the planet.

Our policy of reducing environmental impact includes all our locations and plants. We are committed to promoting good environmental management practices throughout the entire value chain.

Our attention to the environment concerns both the reduction of our carbon footprint, the energy and water used, but also the waste management.

Reduce the environmental impact

Our products with a focus on sustainability

We constantly work to innovate but also to reduce the impact of our products on the environment like, for example:

Green plasters

A new range of plasters, made with products of natural origin (bamboo fibers, aloe vera, and cotton) to be gentle, breathable, soft, and water-resistant.

AIREasy On

the first wearable, lightweight aerosol, whose design enables people to get their medication delivered while conducting other activities. It is compact, so less paper is used for packaging and it is produced using fewer raw materials.