MTD operates globally through a threefold approach: direct markets, indirect markets (distributors), and global accounts. Through these strategic avenues, our products have reached every corner of the world. 

The group’s international management team operates from this hub. This location serves as the nucleus for orchestrating the group’s global operations.​ 

In Italy and France, MTD leverage a dedicated sales force, securing a dominant position, especially in Italy, within the pharmacy channel. This presence extends beyond retail to encompass the vital healthcare sector, supplying products to hospitals and medical institutions.

Venturing across the Atlantic to North America, MTD continues to hold a robust footing. The group has fostered strong collaborations with prominent retailers, with a special focus on the diabetes market. The North American region stands as a testament to MTD’s ability to penetrate competitive markets and establish lasting partnerships.

Its presence in Italy, France, and North America underscores the group’s prowess in medical solutions, solidifying its reputation as a global industry leader.


The MTD Group boasts a direct presence in three prominent markets: Italy, France, and North America.


Besides the direct markets, MTD Group boasts a truly international reach through distributors spanning across 100+ countries. Our robust partnerships enable the seamless distribution of our cutting-edge medical devices, catering to both the health needs of consumers and patients, as well as healthcare systems and professionals. Thanks to this expansive network and the strong commitment with our partners, we not only meet current health demands but also remain agile in understanding emerging needs, thus driving innovation and progress in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Within the realm of medical sharps, MTD Group stands as a distinguished player with an extensive customer portfolio and steadfast partnerships with global blue-chip entities. These enduring collaborations are built upon reliability in supply and unwavering quality, fostering long-term relationships that are anchored in exceptional service levels. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of clients, underscoring our position as a trusted partner in the industry. As we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence, MTD Group remains a driving force in shaping the landscape of medical sharps on a global scale.